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“Best [Yoga Instructor] of the Tampa Bay” by DuPont Registries (July 2007).

Yoga: Exactly what I needed. Rubén Vásquez: the ideal personal guide. After working with Rubén for 6 months I have regained strength and stability. I am walking without pain for the first time in a year-and-a-half. I was still recovering from pretty radical surgical repair of a shredded tendon in my right ankle when an MRI confirmed that the same tendon in the left ankle was starting to tear. The podiatrist recommended yoga. I never practiced yoga – I am not a naturally meditative or slow person. I found St. Petersburg Yoga in the yellow pages. No kidding. What a find! Rubén has patiently but steadily brought me forward to more ease – both physically and mentally. Verbally and physically descriptive instructions. Gentle corrections, no set routine – poses selected to target problem areas. I LOVE YOGA. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t if it weren’t for Rubén. Check out his website. And he has a dvd, too..

Lisa Gardner


I am in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks. I found your studio/classes online. I called the number and didn't leave a message but Chris called me back to see if I had any questions and how he could help. I thought that was incredibly nice and professional of him and didn't hesitate to call back when I wasn't sure where yoga on the beach was located that night. Laura was a great instructor and I really enjoyed the class. She had a ton of energy and ran a wonderful class.

I went last night again to yoga on the beach, this time with Penny. She was absolutely amazing - she was an encouraging, patient, and dedicated instructor. She spent 1:1 time with me on some poses I was struggling with and gave me tons of personal tips and feedback. She was one of the best instructors I've ever taken a class from. Thank you again for providing such great classes. I hope to go to more before I leave.

Corey Hope Leaffer


My name is Jenny Anderson. Today I took my very first Yoga class with Chris. I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my experience! I have been doing CrossFit training for over a year now at crossfit9 and have been hoping to supplement this high-intensity program with something a little different. Part of the CrossFit philosophy is to regularly learn and practice new exercise routines. I am confident that Yoga will be a great addition to my health & wellness program and will also benefit my CrossFit training. I'm excited to learn more and will be back next week for another class. Thanks so much, see you soon!


I'm reeeally enjoying all of my classes -- my focus has been stretch and flexibility -- and I'm succeeding or should I say stretch and flexibility is succeeding to occur in my body?!
Thank you for having great instructors.

Suzanne H.

I just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful studio here in St. Pete. I study more at your studio than any other--and am so grateful to have you here! (And my scoliosis-ridden spine says a bigger THANK YOU as well, even if I strongly dislike always having to work on my harder side!! I went in for a physical and actually learned that I have grown nearly an inch since 2006!!) I am pleased to have found your studio and so pleased to study with you and have you all in my new St. Petersburg Life. Thank you!


I have been enjoying the yoga classes tremendously and it has become a part of my life. I can say that practicing Qigong and yoga has had a profund effect on me. As I continue to practice and deepen my understanding of Qigong, meditation and yoga it keeps on bringing me to a better and more peaceful understanding of things around me.


Thank you for the opportunity to share how my first experience at a Yoga class was. My daughter attended the kids class while I went upstairs for an adult class. We both loved it. My daughter asked me after class if she could go everyday! I feel the same way. I am joining you again tomorrow and plan to have my daughter there every Wednesday. Thank you again.

Tina Clark

I have been a serious runner for many years and have coped with pain in my lower back and especially my glutes and hamstrings for almost as long. Sometimes the pain is excruciating. Needless to say I have looked for the best wholistic treatments and practitioners whever I lived in various parts of the country - all with limited success.

I just moved to St. Petersburg and lucked out in being sent to Chris (Acosta). He gave me a series of related poses that have made me feel great They are soothing and easy to do. And best of all, they really work. I could have written this sooner, but I feel it is more valid in that I have been doing the series daily for over a month, and the results are better than ever. Thanks.

Andrew S.

I would like to share Debbie Rosa’s (NIA founder) thoughts on the power of NIA (from Anna Mari Solomon) “It is my dance, my medicine, my workout fueled by a philosophy and a methodology of love that is rooted in cultivating pleasure. What helps me commit to cultivating and choosing Joy to get fit and stay healthy? A way to find purpose and meaning in my life. What I fully embrace, knowing that if I do, Nia will provide me with a practice and lifestyle that will add meaning and purpose to everything I do.”

Hey well you know what an avid writer I am....At the end of every year I write a huge essay reviewing the past year....important events, musical accomplishments, et cetera. Well in writing my 2007 review, I wrote a section about my St Pete Yoga experience. Here it is exactly as it is in the essay. MORE

I hope you enjoy. -Marius

“…the instructor (Chris) was thorough, very helpful in levels and suggestions for all levels and all students, accessible in information and suggestions about both the physical practice of yoga and outside elements; very noteworthy, impressionable, and impressive. I'll be back!”

• from Sarah Wells about her first time at St. Petersburg Yoga.

“The instructor (Chris) was great. Great instructions, calm demeanor, reassured us that pain was not the goal. I have been to many yoga studios where the instructor is condescending and complementary only of the most advanced students. I appreciated Chris’ approach!”

• thoughts from new student Erin Coleman

“The instructor (Julie) was very pleasant, welcoming and calming. I liked her assistance with the poses.”

• Andrea Conley about her first yoga class

“ …I went to a power yoga class here in Hong Kong last night and it made me appreciate all the classes back (at your studio) even more. You can tell the instructors they’ve got nothing on you guys over here in Asia. The class was very disjointed (no logic to the sequence of poses) and the instructor focused on the one student who could already do everything…while the rest of us were basically laying on the floor watching.”

• student Sam Brem while on business in Asia

…at the 7:30am class today what did we do that made my neck and shoulder muscles relax? I don’t ever remember rolling my head around and not having catches or tight neck/shoulder muscles. Thanks!

• long time students Gail Newfield

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