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The Retreat Tradition

Most of us seem to be in constant movement from activity to activity, from thought to thought. A retreat is a conscious decision to pause, that is, to remove ourselves from our immediate experience. It is an invaluable opportunity to observe and reflect on our actions, thoughts and feelings.

Although every time we practice Yoga is in itself a retreat, we all know how important it is to dedicate time to relaxing, resting and renewing ourselves. As a result of bringing clarity to our breath, body, minds and hearts we are better able to participate actively and harmoniously in our lives.

Retreats are an ancient tradition found throughout the world. One of the most ancient branches of Yoga is the tradition of retiring to the forest or a cave to deepen one’s spiritual life. At St Petersburg Yoga, we provide opportunities for our students to continue deepening their practice by immersing in the safe and appropriate use of a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques under the guidance of our highly qualified yogis.

Even students who are relatively new benefit greatly from the deeper experience of a retreat. Particularly during transition times, retreats offer an opportunity to set aside and reflect on our actions and to clarify our direction. The peace, serenity and sense of well being that result from a Yoga retreat are invaluable in supporting us during challenging times.

At St Petersburg Yoga we are pleased to offer a variety of retreats at local, national and international destinations. We also organize retreats for specific groups and purposes related to yoga. For more information do not hesitate to contact us:

Upcoming Retreats

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Testimonials about St Pete Yoga Retreats

"Words can't express my gratitude to you for the kindness and guidance you showed to each of us. When we all came together I never imagined that I would leave with the gift of new friends. "

"These trips involve lots of planning, work, and patience to make everyone happy.  You exceeded our expectations on all counts, Ruben.  Many thanks to you."

"The accommodations in San Jose were perfect, I loved that it was a local small hotel and you got to see more of the culture and art throughout. "

"People who have seen me after the retreat say that I look very relaxed, trim and glowing. What more can one ask for?!"

"The food was….EXCELLENT!!!! even though I'm not vegetarian, I didn't miss eating meat during our stay."

"The food was a delicious daily surprise of enticingly presented freshly made local cuisine."

"The accommodations and facilities in Samasati were very unique.  The beds were very comfortable especially for my bad back."

"The cost of the retreat was perfect. Most everything was included and price was very doable. Specially because I probably make less than everyone else there and I was able to afford it with money to spare."

"The accommodations and facilities in Samasati were PERFECT! The staff was friendly and helpful and gauged their interaction level to each individual guest.   The walk to dinner, the bungalows, and the yoga room helped make each activity mindful and contributed to a sense of harmony with nature.  The bungalows were comfortable, roomy, and the perfect complement of rustic and convenient.  I was surprised that we had hot water on demand and such consistent electricity. Most of the time, we kept the lights off and used a flashlight so we could enhance our communion with our surroundings and respect the natural rhythms.  The setting for dining was tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful; the music calmed the soul and supported a mindful approach to each meal.   The yoga room setting and the jungle sounds were conducive to a peaceful practice.  Nidra was intensively fabulous in such a natural setting and the hexagonal shape of the yoga room infused the space with a calming energy."

"The yoga instruction was perfectly suited to each of us, regardless of our previous yoga experience."

"The food was amazing.  I loved every dish at every meal.  I am not a vegetarian, but the food was so good that I looked forward to every meal. There was plenty of variety too. Actually, the only dish that I didn’t care for was the fish!"

"The cost of the retreat was very affordable."

"I don't have any comments for improvement, since everything was simply ideal.
The size of the group was perfect because it allowed for meaningful interaction. Ruben you deserve a gold star for organizing a great yoga retreat.
I hope there will be other such retreats in the future and I am already looking forward to signing up."

"First, congratulations to you for putting together such an amazing program.  Everybody loved it.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to join you and the group.  It was an experience I will remember for my entire life."

"The yoga instructor was beyond wonderful. Through Ruben's guidance each of us returned home with a renewed commitment to continue or enhance our practices and with more peaceful and happier hearts."

"The yoga instruction was not just instruction, it was a gift.  We were provided with not only clear instructions, but gentle reminders throughout as a group and individually as to total body alignment and attentive breathing. Each day brought a progressive journey through well planned interconnected lessons.  I found myself fully attentive during each session. This awareness carried through the day and evening as we individually and together experienced being in the moment. "


Past Retreats

Jul-Aug 2013 Costa Rica: Step into your Potential with Rubén Vásquez

Jul 2012 Costa Rica: Journey to Life Balance with Rubén Vásquez

Jan 2012 Costa Rica: Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate with Rubén Vásquez

Aug 2011 Omega Institute NY: Custom Yoga “Yoga Designed for You” with Chris Acosta

June 2011 Safety Harbor Resort & Spa FL: The Art of Relaxation with Rubén Vásquez

Jan 2011 Costa Rica: Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate with Rubén Vásquez

Aug 2010 Omega Institute NY: Heal your Back through Yoga with Chris Acosta


samasati beach


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